About us

Who is Zillen Business Solutions?

Zillen Business Solutions is a comprehensive internet presence, digital branding and digital marketing company with a vast array of services to assist every local entrepreneur or mid-sized company better compete in the digital world. Zillen Business Solutions also provides other administrative solutions as well; bookkeeping, merchant processing, accounting and tax services.

Zillen Business Solutions is the result of a local business started by two business men, Mr. Patane and Mr. Foy, with the sole purpose of providing dedicated instruction and guidance to very local entrepreneurs. With Mr. Patane having been a small store front business owner and business analyst for over 20 years, Mr. Foy having a 35 year career filled with business ventures and sales, the two clearly understand the importance of marketing and starting a business with a “customer first” mentality. The original goal was to contact new business owners within the month they secured a new DBA and offer them a marketing strategy if they did not have one in place. Quickly, the original company, ZILLEN BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, grew to include many digital marketing products. Now, with the addition of administrative solutions, it made sense to re-brand into ZILLEN BUSINESS SOLUTIONS.

Why did they decide to choose marketing for a business?

The short answer is passion for success and a strong belief that the success of this great nation relies on the individual success of each and every local merchant.

It has been proven that most small businesses that fail do so based on a lack of funding. The entrepreneur often has a great product, service, passion and vision. What they fail to strategize is the marketing. More importantly, they fail to understand marketing is an investment that provides an ongoing (ROI) return on investment and advertising is a cost with an expiration date. As a result, they spend their money on advertising or pray for word of mouth help from friends and family until they go broke.

Furthermore, there are so many layers to marketing and mistakes that can be avoided with proper coaching, guidance and a strong marketing foundation. Zillen Business Solutions provides companies of all sizes, the tools necessary to be more visible on the internet to attract new customers , more engaging to bring the current customers in more often and more responsive to the market as a whole to keep the business competitive. A well implemented marketing strategy which focuses on consumer behaviors, is internet based and mobile optimized has a much higher chance of success.

Whether you are planning a new business, just started one or seeking to take a business a new level, let Zillen Business Solutions design a marketing strategy for you today.

Our Philosophy

We are passionately driven to provide accurate and effective education to small- to medium-sized businesses like yours to help you understand and capitalize on the needs and opportunities of reaching their specific niche market customer base through clean, clear and concise internet and mobile marketing exposures.

By implementing the newest technological marketing strategies and tools available, combined with Google analytics,Zillen Business Solutions assists smaller local centric businesses like yours in competing with the large national chains and big box stores for the local consumer dollars.

Zillen Business Solutions is fully capable of marketing, producing, hosting, servicing, integrating and managing all aspects of the products we offer. We save your otherwise wasted dollars and/or duplicated advertising efforts by providing our services at or below competitive market rates.

Zillen Business Solutions is the company of choice to help your company grow faster in your community and market area. We realize that every business has a need to:

  • Incorporate a strong internet presence reflecting the tone and personality of your business
  • Create an engaging and compelling internet marketing campaign that tells your story in a way that makes customers want to be part of your family
  • Activate an internet advertising campaign that reaches out to the target consumer base that is most benefited by your products and services
  • Utilize the speed and ease of effective mobile design and functionality

Ultimately, our success is only realized in the success of our clients and the proof is in the increased strength of their bottom line profits.