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What Is it

Bookkeeping is the function of maintaining accurate records and accounts of all transactions. In 2015, Zillen Business Solutions expanded services to include Bookkeeping. Although small business owners are highly invested, dedicated and passionate about their success, we found that most were ill-prepared, ill-informed and without any bookkeeping system to monitor their business. Furthermore, most small business owners began their business with a business plan that failed to budget for proper bookkeeping. “Shoe-box Receipts” and a magical CPA may get you through a tax season but will not provide a solid records keeping foundation upon which to build.

To have a successful business, one MUST maintain proper records. It matters not if the business is turning a profit, simply self-funding or running a deficit, professional Bookkeeping is a necessity. The records must reflect all the credits and debits for the records to be accurate. Not only is it legally required but it is the only way to account for the monies in and out, a true measure of the business value, provide data for cost projections and growth strategies.

Our professional staff is certified QuickBooks masters. Zillen business Solutions can assist in the QuickBooks purchase guidance, QuickBooks installation process, tutorials and training, records maintenance and year-end tax preparations for the CPA to submit tax returns.

Features and Benefits:

  • Selecting the right version of QuickBooks
  • Assisted Installation
  • Professional Training
  • Managed Accounts
  • Easy Tax Returns
  • Built in Payroll Program
  • Sync with Merchant Processing

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