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Branded Emails

What Is it

Emails are the most common form of constant branding for any individual or company. Branded, being the key word combined with Email, is a form of advertising as it provides name recognition with the repetition of each message sent. Before a contact, client or customer ever sees a branded signature, the branding has already begun with the email address itself.

If just getting started, Email accounts can be set-up for and individual, company staff, company general info or contact, and corporate integrated accounts. Some examples are as follows:

INDIVIDUAL EMAILAntonio@AntonioMarkeizas.com
INDIVIDUAL PROFESSIONAL EMAILAntonio.Markeizas@MarkeizasConsulting.com
COMPANY INDIVIDUAL EMAIL A.Carrellson@CompanyName.com

Zillen Business Solutions is also capable or migrating existing Email accounts of any size and upgrading the systems to scale (+/-) for future needs.

Notice*- In all the examples above, the individual, the company name or preferably both are incorporated. In addition to branding, this also makes it easier for the client or customer to remember and associate the individual with the products, services or function.

There are different types of Email accounts in another way as well. Zillen Business Solutions is capable of providing guidance to select the right type for your needs. We offer individual POP account, IMAP accounts that can be synced-up between multiple computers and mobile devices, or Office 365 Integrated Exchange service allowing multiple individuals to share calendars, notes, reports, securely store shared documents and much more.

Features and Benefits

  • POP- Individual Email Accounts
  • IMAP- Professional Email Accounts
  • Integrated Office 365 Corporate Email Accounts
  • Email Migration
  • Cloud Based Email Back-up
  • Instant Team Document Sharing
  • Multiple Users
  • Multiple Devices
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Usage

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