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We salute the individuals who have mustered up the courage to begin a business of their own, the individuals who have shown the fortitude to strike out on their own or with a partner in search of the American dream to prove the wealth of the American spirit does not come easily, it is earned.

ZILLEN BUSINESS SOLUTIONS originated with the new DBA and infant operations in mind. Our mission is to lend our experience and expertise in marketing to them by providing professional guidance and education in the matters of online presence, marketing and advertising.

Most often a business is started with a sketchy budget in place as people are trying to figure out all the regulations, taxes and hidden costs of being in business. Knowing the financial burdens of launching a new business, our package pricing is affordably priced without compromising the integrity of a solid marketing foundation.

Our Business Package is built around the entrepreneur who has a talent or passion for his or her product or service and a belief they can make a change for themselves, their families and/or the community. With every effort possible, we compiled the basic necessary items to establish a polished, attractive and effective marketing presence.

The Business Package includes:

  • A website design (up to 5 pages)
  • A mobile site design matching website
  • A strong Google+ listing (including contact info, web links and map)

Note* Securing of domain name, logo design and company branding services are available and can be added to you package purchase or ordered separately.

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