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When we are introduced to or meet a business owner who has been in business for some time yet has not been properly educated about the need for a strong internet marketing presence, we must analyze how they have been successful, what marketing efforts they have tried and which efforts have been the best.

Surprisingly, most of the business owners who do not have a website are boldly proud that all or almost all of their business comes from word of mouth. Word of mouth advertisement is arguably the best proof of great customer service.

In today's market, filling with creative outbound messaging, online coupons, social media marketing and loyalty reward programs, it is only a short matter of time before the word of mouth people are spreading a different message boasting about your competitor.

ZILLEN BUSINESS SOLUTIONS is dedicated to helping you get your message out to new customers, build your brand with your current customers and attract business away from your competition in your market area by creating a robust internet presence combined with a basic internet marketing platform from which you can grow quickly.

Our Corporate Package includes:

  • A professional website design (up to 10 pages)
  • A professional mobile website design
  • A Google+ listing (including contact information, web links and map)
  • Search Engine Visibility (properly listing your site in over 130 search engines)

Note* Securing of domain name, logo design and company branding services are available and can be added to you package purchase or ordered separately. Additional pages may be purchased as needed to complete your website. Additional Internet Marketing or internet Advertising products may be purchased in combination with or separately from your Corporate Package.

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