What Is it

Once a domain name has been secured and a website or mobile website is built, Hosting is the function of providing the power or connectivity to the internet through a server. Choosing the right server is important to assure reliability of uninterrupted hosting service. Zillen Business Solutions uses only the highest quality multi-server cloud-based systems that are linked or backing each other up to guarantee the most reliability possible.

Likewise, an email exchange has a hosting server as well. There are many different options that vary by size, reliability and cost. Zillen Business Solutions only uses the most reliable hosting servers for Email exchange services. Security and back-up are key components to Email exchange services. Although no one is able to protect emails 100%, Zillen Business Solutions takes every step possible to top current standards to protect your Email records from hackers and crashes.

Features and Benefits:

  • Cloud Based Back-up
  • Safe and Secure
  • Reliable
  • Integrated 2016 Office 365
  • Managed Email Exchange

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