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Pay for Performance Rank

What Is it

Our “Pay-For-Performance Ranking” means we accept all the burden and challenge of pushing your website up to the top of the organic listings in the three main search engines; Google, Yahoo and Bing. Zillen Business Solutions does not attempt to explain all the events, steps and measures taken to achieve top organic placements. Instead, we simply rely on the proof. We will take any website that is not currently ranking and we will work on it until it achieves top listings.

What Is it Not

It is NOT “Pay-per-Click” advertising. It is not Google Plus, Google Places, Yahoo Places or any other type of advertisement.

Any research will assure you 1) No company can or should guarantee #1 placement in organic listings at any price as this is unethical. 2) No company can or should guarantee a top placement in organic listings for a set of keywords or key phrases will work for all keywords or key phrases. 3) Achieving top organic listing positions requires a combination of many SEO functions. There is not one simple step. The algorithms used to determine the placements are always subject to change at the discretion of the search engine, (Google, Yahoo & Bing).

Each company website has a different character, function, purpose, audience and content. Our professional staff and in-depth research will produce the right mix of keywords, content change suggestions and specific individual instruction necessary to assist us in our task.

Zillen Business Solutions has removed all the “Pay and Pray” traditional methods, still used by others. The cost of achieving top organic ranking are near to impossible to calculate or predict. There is no longer a need to continue without a plan. Often, our customers quickly realize our difference as we provide research results prior to beginning the work, provide a clear cost schedule based on set achievement points and again after we provide monthly screen shots and success reports. We are proud of our successes and confident in our abilities.

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