What Is it

Video creation can attract and engage your current and future customer base by incorporating specific brand identity messages, show case a specific product, offer a how to instructional for the use of your product or service features and benefits, or advertise discounts, seasonal specials and promotions.

Most people know with certainty that Google is the #1 search engine but falter to even think of Youtube as a search engine when trying to list the top ten.

The recent rise of Youtube has become a new norm in the shopping research and experience for the American consumer base. Youtube is in fact now the #2 search engine ranking above Yahoo, Bing and Ask.

Branding your company with a quality video has a positive lasting impression of your company as a professional, well established, current and relevant business.

By combining visually stimulating motion, text and auditory messaging, your customers are 7 times more likely to remember your brand, company, message and 4 times more likely to repeat part or all of the message to someone else.

Watch our video and notice the different features individually, colors, message, movement, motivation, features, benefits. Notice as you focus on each one the different thought processes that take place.